Success Stories

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  • Investing in Parents

    تداول الاسهم الامريكيه

    “If you never had love, how do you know how to show love?” says the home health care worker who is working on her Associates degree. Driven by her desire to be a good parent, Williams became involved at Bethel’s Right Start for Families program, where she gained not only encouragement, but parenting skills that gave her confidence. Throughout her participation at Bethel, she has gained skill in personal finance management, day-to-day home management, food preparation, and a variety of educational activities to do with her daughter.”Now, I do things like take Kayla to the zoo and museums whenever I can, and I cook,” says Williams. “I even have the confidence that one day I will be a homeowner.”However, she says the most important thing she learned at Bethel is the intangible art of parenting, and the importance of showing love to her daughter.”Being a parent is about loving and nurturing your child, not just about buying things,” she says.
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  • From homeless to employed

    محفظة اسهم الراجحي

    When Alisa Richmond came to Bethel New Life looking for housing, she did not know that she would find a stable place to live, a job, and a group of people who still continue to support her.Bethel introduced Ms. Richmond to the Career Pipeline/Job Place Program where she learned interviewing skills, appropriate business dress, and how to write a resume. She then joined the Neighborhood Clean-Up program in December of 2009, which is a program that helps former offenders find and retain
    That led Ms. Richmond to a job as a supervisor at a landscaping company.Ms. Richmond says that Bethel has provided motivation and encouragement. “They were always there to guide me.” She says that even though she has completed the program, she knows Bethel is still there for her, even if she just wants to talk.The guidance Ms. Richmond has received from Bethel has made a big difference in her life. “They made me feel more positive about myself,” she said. “It has made me a better person today.”
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  • Success in the landscaping business

    للبيع اسهم فيفا

    That’s why he decided to work for himself. He enrolled in Bethel’s program for entrepreneurs to pursue a dream of owning his own landscaping business.Mr. Roberts participated in Bethel’s financial education classes to prepare himself for the financial responsibility of managing his own business. He spent two years in landscape training at Chicago Christian Industrial League (CCIL). He also saved money to start his business.
    Soon, Mr. Roberts founded Roberts Landscape and Snow Removal. He bought equipment and advertisement for the new business and is currently in the process of getting his minority license with the City of Chicago. He is also working on some local contracts in the Austin neighborhood.”Bethel’s program gave me hope,” Mr. Roberts said. “I want to give thanks to the people who took the time to help me and inspire me to help others.”
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  • Living independently فوركس مصر

    “I don’t know any place I would rather be.”Ms. Turner came to Bethel in 1985 when she got a job providing in-home care to seniors. Later, she was later promoted to supervisor. Now that she is retired, she volunteers with energy wherever she is
    “I enjoy being around people and being useful,” she said. Ms. Turner certainly is useful; she volunteers at her church, coordinates trips for seniors, and spends time with the seniors in Adult Day Health Care. She enjoys living in a beautiful apartment with friendly neighbors and staff.”I’ve never had a time of loneliness or sadness,” she said. “Living here is great.”
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  • Avoiding Foreclosure

    مؤشر سوق الاسهم السعودية اليوم

    But after Griselda’s hours were cut at her job with Chicago Public Schools and her youngest daughter went to college, the Jordans were in danger of losing their home. Luckily, Bethel was able to step in and secure a permanent modification.Ms. Johnnie Jordan said that Bethel’s staff person who helped her avoid foreclosure “was very informative. She was like a little angel.”Johnnie said that she would recommend anybody work with Bethel to prevent foreclosure of their home.“It was a great experience,” she said. “It’s just a wonderful program.”