Brain Train


Bethel New Life’s Brain Train helps students who are behind in reading catch up with their peers. Discovering that you can read and enjoying school for the first time are priceless experiences.

Bethel New Life’s Brain Train uses precision-teaching methods to help students in grades K-3 improve their reading fluency and comprehension. Based on decades of research, the program helps students learn faster, improve their reading comprehension, and read on grade level or above.The Brain Train:

Identifies students who do not qualify for special education services.
Assigns specific skills to master that build upon previously mastered skills.
Evaluates students daily to assess progress.
Encourages students with constant feedback loops.
Maintains program sustainability by equipping parents, teachers, and school administrators.


The Brain Train has demonstrated success in a variety of school settings and formats within the Chicago Public School system. This year, the Brain Train came to Spencer Elementary and has helped 34 students learn to read. After only ten weeks, 100 percent of students gained at least one grade level in reading; and 40 percent gained three or more grade levels.

The program has proven to be a highly-effective, systematic approach to improving the educational foundation for all learners to excel in school.

Bring the Brain Train to Your School

Brain Train is an extremely cost effective educational enhancement service for helping students build and retain skills. Bethel partners with schools and tailors the format to meet the needs of the school.
Bethel also hires parent assistants from the school community to work with the students, creating jobs for engaged parents.

The Brain Train is offered at three different levels of intervention:

• The typical individualized pull-out model (most intensive) serves 20 students at a time throughout the semester. Students work in pairs with a trained parent assistant for 20-minute sessions, four days per week.
• The classroom push-in model (moderate intensity) serves 20 to 30 students in the classroom. Groups of 3-5 students work with a trained parent assistant for 15-minute sessions, three days per week.
• The summer session is designed to help students build and retain their skills, especially 2nd graders going into 3rd grade.