Out of School Time Education Consortium

The Out of School Time Education Consortium (OSTEC) is a collective of West Side after school, summer school and out of school time providers brought together by Bethel for the purposes of improving the quality of instruction and supports that occur in those programs.

OSTEC seeks to increase the engagement of youth in out-of-school time activities, increase their academic achievement via their participation in those activities, and achieve the following goals:

1. Improve rate of learning
2. Teach ‘how to learn’ skills
3. Improve overall academic skills
4. Improve problem-solving skills
5. Build resiliency
6. Improve social and leadership skillsCurrently OSTEC has 40 members, reaching over 3,000 children. The consortium meetings on a quarterly basis for half-day trainingsymposiums and once a year meets for a full day of training.A sub-group of OSTEC members participate in the Precision Teaching Club which meets on a monthly basis. The Precision Teaching Club assists providers in developing and running a program that is modeled after Bethel’s Brain Train program.