West Side Education Consortium

Over the past several years, Chicago has experienced a deterioration in the relationship between its schools and its central administration, as well as between schools of different types that serve the same community areas. Traditional public neighborhood schools, privately run turn-around schools, Charter schools, and private schools must all co-exist on the West Side. The co-existence, however, has not been collaborative or peaceful with supporters and families of the various types of schools feeling threatened by schools of different types. Opportunities to support children’s optimal learning and growth are often lost in the struggle for the dominant format of the education system. The West Side Education Consortium seeks to break down the barriers and bring down the animosities created by different school formats. It also seeks to boil co-existence down to the fact that every one of these schools has students who are struggling to learn, and teaching students is what education is all about.

The purpose of the West Side Education Consortium is to improve the educational outcomes for children on Chicago’s West Side through sharing, training and development, support in implementation of best practice approaches, and measurement of outcomes and progress.

Membership is open to any organization that provides educational services to school-aged children who live on the West Side of Chicago and who is willing to commit to participation requirements.


  • Assure that every child in every school performs at grade level in reading and math by the time they  complete the 3rd grade.
  • Assure that every school environment establishes and maintains a safe and secure school and a school  culture that is conducive to learning.
  • Improve trust and shared responsibility between parents and schools.